Our Mission Statement:

To make sure clients leave satisfied so they will spread our name, and allow our business to become  well known and respected.

Store Information

Uptown Kicks n’ Cuts is a retail business designed to accommodate the customers and make them feel at home. Our goal is to accumulate a base of clientele to get our business known and well liked. The age ranges we are trying to attract are 14 to 25, but overall want to attract men off all ages. We want to offer a diverse variety of name brand clothing that no other store in the area store in the area can compete with. Our barber shop will offer haircuts, eyebrow arching, shampooing, and designs. Our main focus is customer service and doing all we can to get our customers to spread the word and keep coming back on a regular basis. We will have very reasonable prices and will be flexible so that we make sure that our customers can get the whole outfit for a steal. We want to offer a unique approach to the customers and employees and create a nice environment to work in and come shop in.
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